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Occupation: home business consultant
Children: one son, Dennis Michael born June 25 1983

Right after high school in the summer I worked as stock/warehouse clerk for Rein printing company & laster worked for Brown & Root as cook's helper on a oil platform barge till it was time to enroll in college. I worked for Houston Astros as game time groundskeeper (Earthman) from '68 till 1976 and also worked for Astrodome in skybox security for Houston Oiler & Houston Cougar football games plus I had been a coke, peanuts & popcorn vendor in both Astrodome & Rice stadium before that.
I entered Texas A & M as Aerospace Engineering major & was part of class of "73" that built largest bonfire in the school's history it took 8-10 people on a side to handle some the logs we gathered for that fire. Our '69-70 Aggies football team like our the '67-69 Bullogs didn't win many games.
In '71 transfered to U of H because I couldn't get A&M student loan approval so finished my education as business major and a Houston Cougar. It was kinda of scary for me because when I checked out of A & M I did not immediately enroll in UH and lost my 4f draft deferment status (my draft # was 3) and had to take my miliatry service physical for induction but due to my poor vision & Nixon winding down Viet Nam war I was not drafted into the military (thank God for that Navy doctor who failed me). I was then hired as the time-keeper & office stores manager for Hyatt Regency hotel when it first opened downtown and then I was worked the night shift for Tenneco Oil as computer operator & after UH graduation (Dec '74) moved on as Corporate headquarters Cobol computer programmer. While at UH I met a guy, Mark in my Marketing class that I would later work for as RPGII programmer. After leaving Tenneco went to work for WJ &Associates a firm that employed my UH Marketing class friend, Mark, when the owner Bill, decided to go to SF for sex change operation (he became Wendy) then Mark took over the business & I worked for him till I went to work for a client Powell Electric as lead programmer & then became DP Mgr after being let go I moved to Compaq computer as consultant & systems analyst till again layed off in '91. Worked on and off as consultant till '99. Travelled a bit during work to AR, MI, OR, & the Netherlands. I got married only once Aug 1980, divorced in 1994. Since my last "official" job I was layed off in '99 I have have done a variety of home based business opportunities and have been my own employer. In 2003 my mom was having some health issues & I needed a place to live so I relocated to Garrison, TX and moved in with her for 2 yrs then I moved into apt on outskirts of Nacogdoches and that's where I am today right down the road from SFA.

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https://tla10.com/homebizusa10 have questions email me - homebizmwc@gmail.com or PM me on facebook - homebizmwc

School Story:

enjoyed being lab assistant for Mr. Felton, grateful for the American History education I received there.
Wish I could have been heavier & gutsier so I could have played football. I enjoyed being 3rd base coach on our ' 69 baseball team & having chance to be on field with future pro baseball allstar player Craig Reynolds.
I liked hanging out with my best friend John Froehlich. I remember the St. Thomas football game where John met his future wife Marsha.
Mostly for me high school was pretty uneventful just went to class, studied & tried to play some baseball. Oh almost forgot I loved being on bowling team Bull-Tree-Armadillo that was after school with John, Me & Armando Cortez.
We had a strong bowling team with just the right averages that allowed us to win many games.
Also on way to Galveston baseball game Armando got ticket for driving too slow in passing lane but really he had just topped out over 100 before we saw cop & slowed down...he only got a warning ticket cause Armando was dressed in his baseball uniform and he & cop had mutual friend in the area.
Doing a 100+ & getting ticket for driving too slow. Too Funny

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Mike Clark has a birthday today.
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Mike Clark has a birthday today.
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