45th Reunion Memories

Can You Believe Our 45th Reunion Has Come And Now Gone??

It has finally come to an end!! When we first started planning the 45th Class Reunion fifteen months ago, it seemed like it would never get here, but we can all rest now...it is over!!  We will have one more meeting to finalize all the paper work and then it will be put away for a year or so.  Then we start all over again for the 50th Reunion.  If anyone has any suggestions for the next reunion we would love to hear from you.  Two suggestions were made at the reunion, going on a short cruise or staying at a resort.  We will take a vote on the top two requests.  So do not wait until the last minute to make your suggestions!!

On Friday night, October 9th we had a mixer at J. Black's Feel Good Kitchen & Lounge at 110 Washington Blvd. in Houston TX. We were very impressed with the layout of the lounge that we had our get together in…the restaurant area and the lounge was on separate ends of the building. Thank you J Blacks for making our party a wonderful experience.  We recommend the pizza, wings, nachos and quesadillas very highly…it was all so good!!!   We had a very nice turn out of grads and guests and many memories were shared and many new ones were made!!  And what a surprise, we had several very special guests visit with us...Joel Sturdivant (our Principal) and his lovely wife Elva, and a couple teachers  Ms Donna Moore (English) and Ralph Holle (Science), who are  Mr. & Mrs. Holle for all of you that did not know. 

After a long nights rest (not long enough) it was finally time for the reunion.  We revisited the same country club we used on our 40th reunion…Hearthstone Country Club!!  It was such a nice place to have a party and the staff took such good care of us (great food & drinks)…so why wouldn’t we go back!!

The turnout was good and everyone had a great time.  Talking to our friends we discovered what varied lives we have led!! Some of us have traveled all over the world and there are the small few that have stayed close to home!!  Lindy and I thought we would have the most grandchildren with 8, but Sandy Lewis beat us out with 10.  Several have been fortunate enough to retire, but there are still many that have to get up early and face the traffic.  Hopefully by our next reunion more will be enjoying themselves, retired and staying home from work and taking some great trips with their significant other. We had several travel a long way to attend, Seline (Denbow) Peters came in from Colorado, Mike Tumis drove down from the Chicago area, Billy Brown and his wife came in from California and many more from all over Texas!! After dinner we had a wonderful round of introductions so we could update our personal lives to let everyone know what we have been doing since graduation!  When it was time for Billy Brown to take the floor he decided he wanted to preach for a while. Go Billy…Go Billy!!  He was so enjoyable to listen to!!  Several Reaganites even volunteered to give up their time so Billy could continue to talk.  And Tim Elliot needs to make better friends with his yellow headed parrot!!

If you weren’t there and didn’t get to see and reminisce with your old friends and classmates you really missed out. We had a great time!! 

Tons of pictures were made and as soon as the photographer has the CD’s put together I will be posting pictures at random here on the site. If you want to get your own CD they will be available from the photographer.  I will keep you posted as to when and where you can get those pictures!!

As always the food was very good and there was plenty of it!!  Thanks to Hearthstone and their wonderful and attentive staff. 


The Reuniion Committee at our last meeting
Lindy Varner, David Smith, Brenda (Jewell) Varner, Virgil Price,
Charles Otto, Mickey (Van Dusen) Hollander & Sam Wilson
And the Star of the photo...David's 1969 Mustang Mach 1!!